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In the case of wet weather, the coaching team will make a decision on whether the class will go ahead or not.  We always strive to complete all lessons if possible, so if you have not heard from our coaching staff regarding a cancellation please assume lessons are going ahead as scheduled.


- If your lesson is cancelled, the coach will send out a group text message informing everybody of the cancellation. If you do not receive a text message please assume that the lessons are going ahead as scheduled. Please note: In the case of wet weather the coach will be required to make a judgment call, on occasions students may be required to attend the courts however lessons may still need to be cancelled. Again, we will always endeavour to complete lessons where possible so we appreciate your understanding on this.


- In the case of missed lessons due to wet weather, a minimum of 2 x Make-Up Days will be scheduled each school term. These will be held on a Sunday in Week 5 and Week 9 (times for each term to be specified) – this will give every participant the opportunity to make-up any missed session/s. If you are unable to attend either of these make-up days please speak to our coaching staff to arrange an alternative make up class during the week in case the class has available spots - please remember that we have 6:1 player to coach ratio so if requested class is full make up won't be available for that class.

-  In the case of extremely hot weather (ambient temperature exceeding 36° Celsius), tennis lessons will be cancelled and the same make-up procedures as with wet weather will be applied.

- For situations where the ambient temperature is greater than or equal to 32° Celsius and less than 36° Celsius, a modified program will be implemented that ensures all players are rested for at least 25% of the period they would normally participate. 

Makeup Lessons - Term 1, 2024 

Saturday 23 March 2024
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